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Intel is undergoing an exciting transformation and leading the way in data-centric solutions. Intel® Partner Alliance presents a significant market opportunity for you to help your customers move, store and process data.

Intel Partner Alliance unifies all partners in a modern program, enabling collaboration and innovation. The new interface leverages AI-based content recommendations from the curriculum on Intel® Partner University and enhances your expertise with competencies and sharable digital badges. Partners and end-customers will discover thousands of innovative offerings in the new Intel® Solutions Marketplace.

Intel® Partner Alliance will:

Expand the partner types that our program caters to

Improve and deepen training curriculum with specialized paths

Increase the focus on solutions and partner collaboration

Unify partners into a singular program with new value and an enhanced and streamlined experience

As an Intel® Technology Provider partner, your current membership will transition to the new Intel® Partner Alliance in early 2021.

New Roles. Designed for Collaboration.

Roles in Intel® Partner Alliance are designed to reward partners with networking opportunities and capabilities that grow their business, promote their solutions and expand expertise. With new roles, partners are brought together in a unified program to facilitate innovation.

  • Distributor

    Intel® Authorized Distributors – Top tier Distributors that sell the latest Intel® processors, solid state drives (SSDs), server products and other components sourced directly from Intel.

    Intel® Approved Suppliers – Sell components with verified authenticity and quality, sourced from Intel authorized sources, or devices containing Intel® technology, manufactured by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

  • Manufacturer (ODM, CM, HIS)

    Builds systems and sub-systems for both compute and IoT. Systems include Motherboard, Sub-systems (L4-10 systems), PCBA, and IoT function devices. Manufacturers provide their products to other partners, like OEMs, in the value chain.

  • OEM

    Primarily designs and brands their own products. They may have their own manufacturing, assembly, and configuration capabilities. OEMs may also purchase product/systems from ODMs and sell under their own brand. They provide technology solutions to consumer, commercial, and government end users, or through their own channel networks, which could include online or storefront retail.

  • Solution Provider

    Primarily resells OEM systems and software solutions and are growing their services business. Solution Providers provide technology solutions to consumer, commercial, and government end users, or through their own channel networks, which could include online or storefront retail.

  • Service Integrator (SI)

    Primarily architects and implements business process transformation and solution integration for their customers. Service Integrators typically play a consulting role by connecting and integrating software, hardware, and cloud solutions into IT or OT environments.

  • Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

    Develops, sells and supports their own branded and non-branded software products, applications, OT and vertical segments.

  • Cloud & Comms Service Provider

    Offers some component of cloud computing — typically infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), or platform as a service (PaaS) — to other businesses or consumers.

  • FPGA Design Services

    Offers engineering services related to Intel® FPGAs, including RTL design, design optimization, IP integration, feasibility studies, testing and verification, and FPGA board design.

Explore New Intel® Partner Alliance Value

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In the interest of serving your business, we will categorize you to a primary role at the launch of the program. Partners who qualify for more than one role may receive independent benefits from each. You can apply for consideration to other roles. Tier criteria will vary by region.







The training credit requirement is waived for the initial Intel Partner Alliance tier that will be assigned at launch. Manufacturers will need to meet their requirement in 2021 to determine their tier for 2022.

Revenue is a measurement of Intel product sales activity. Intel utilizes multiple methods to measure revenue that can differ based on the role the partner plays in the Intel® Partner Alliance.

Grow Your Business with Specialty Benefits

In addition to the partner tier-level benefits of Intel® Partner Alliance, partners can qualify to unlock even more powerful Specialty Benefits. These benefits can help partners get a competitive advantage in supplying complete solutions to their new and existing customers. To qualify, partners must first meet the requirements for membership status, sales volume, and training.

Launch Timeline


Q2 ’19
Intel® Partner Alliance Announced


Q4 ’19
New Program Rules, Benefits and Requirements Announced
Intel® Partner University Launches
Intel® Solutions Marketplace Launches


Q1 ’21
Intel Partner Alliance Launches
Digital Experience Launches


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