Join Us in a Data-Centric Transformation

As data continues to define the future, an enormous opportunity exists for our partners to help customers move, store and process it. Intel is excited to announce a profound investment in our program so that partners can better seize this growth.

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A Unified Program in 2020

To accelerate innovation and empower your business to grow faster, we are announcing Intel® Partner Alliance which will:

Expand the partner types that our program caters to

Improve and deepen training curriculum with specialized paths

Increase the focus on solutions and partner collaboration

Unify partners into a singular program with new value and an enhanced and streamlined experience

Enriched Partner Experience

Current partner programs will transition to a unified program, designed to enhance your business advantages. Partners will enjoy a new digital experience using AI-based functionality and an ecosystem built for collaboration and innovation.

Intel® Solutions Marketplace

With a focus on solutions, the Intel® Solutions Marketplace is designed to enable powerful collaboration. This new platform will empower partners to grow business opportunities through new partner connections and intelligent matchmaking.


Intel® Partner University

Intel® Partner University offers forward-thinking curriculum with specialized training paths and personalized training recommendations. Qualify for specific competencies and receive badges which you can use to promote your knowledge.


Coming Soon

Intel® Solutions Marketplace and Intel® Partner University will launch in Q4. Stay tuned for more announcements for the Intel® Partner Alliance roll out in 2020.