Intel Partner Financing

Gain a competitive advantage with inventory financing.

Intel® Authorized Distributor

Intel Partner Financing, an exclusive inventory finance program offered by Intel and participating distributors, offers approved partners 60-day interest-free terms on Intel purchases made through select distributors.

Our inventory finance program can help you gain a competitive advantage, scale your business more quickly, and secure long-term growth and financial stability. Extended terms can also help match repayment to the sale of goods, allowing you to bridge the cash gap between vendor payouts and receipt of customer payments.

How Inventory Finance Works:

Inventory finance graphic. 1. Reseller orders Intel inventory from Synnex. 2. Synnex ships Intel inventory to reseller. 3. Synnex invoices DLL for payment. 4. DLL pays Synnex. 5. Reseller repays DLL.

Benefits of Inventory Finance:


Finance products without impacting cash flow


Increase buying power to drive incremental revenue


Match repayment terms to the sale of goods

Participating Distributors

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